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To Whom It May Concern:

Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) plans to release the level-2 market data (4 snapshots per second at price depth of 5 best bid/ask) to meet the diverse data needs of investors. Trial run is currently scheduled for mid- to late January 2022. The specifics of this arrangement are as follows:

1. Market data is released with a 5-second delay during the trial run.

2. Level-2 market data are only accessible to licensed users. Please refer to the attachments for licensing instructions.

3. During the trial run period, INE plans to permit data connection by applicants in waves according to the following schedule:

Please make the necessary preparations if you plan to apply for and access the level-2 data.

Contact telephone: 021-68400929, 021-68400918

Email: marketdata@ine.cn

1. INE Application Guidelines for Display Use
2. INE Application Guidelines for NDU in Designated Server Rooms


Shanghai International Energy Exchange
November 22, 2021

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