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Display Usage Guideline
  • Display Usage Guideline

Shanghai International Energy Exchange Application Guidelines for Display Use of Market Data

This Guidelines is applicable to the licensing of market data service providers by the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) with respect to the distribution of market data.

An applicant may access market data directly through the INE system or from another INE-licensed organization. In either case, the applicant needs to apply to INE for licensing and conclude a license agreement before it is permitted to offer market data services.

I. Qualification Requirements
1. The applicant should have a scope of business that covers information services;
2. The applicant should have a sound reputation and business operation;
3. The applicant should offer stable information products and technical support and product maintenance capabilities;
4. The applicant should possess the necessary client management capabilities.

II. Application Materials
1. Company profile covering company background, operating status, primary business, and products, as well as how the applicant intends to use and distribute the INE market data and the scope of distribution;
2. Photocopy of the Business License;
3. Audited financial and accounting reports for the most recent year or a description of the applicant’s business operations;
4. A description of the applicant’s relations with external organizations, including relations and shareholding ratios with the parent companies and subsidiaries, as well as a statement on whether these companies and subsidiaries are participants of the exchange market or are securities and futures information operators. A written statement is also required if the applicant has no parent company or subsidiary;
5. Documentation of the applicant’s data redistribution licenses from other exchanges (if any);
6. Scan of the completed INE Market Data Redistribution Application Form (Annex 1) bearing the applicant’s common seal;
7. Other materials that, in the opinion of the applicant or INE, should be provided; and
8. Certain exemptions are possible for those overseas organizations that cannot readily provide the Business License or audited financial statements.

III. Review
INE will review the application materials. Once approved, the applicant may sign Information License Agreement.

IV. Agreement Signing
Once an application is approved, INE and the applicant will agree on the terms of the data redistribution service and enter into the INE Information License Agreement.

V. Application for Line Access (access via leased dedicated lines)
1. Level-1 (basic) market data
Any applicant that intends to apply for the use of more than one leased line should choose lines offered by different telecom operators to connect to INE-recognized data centers. The specific connection procedures and technical requirements are available at http://www.shfe.com.cn/en/services/Technology/TechnologyService/.
2. Level-2 market data
The applicant should submit the Level-2 Market Data Vendor Line Application Form (bearing its common seal).

VI. Market Data Access
INE will provide the technical documentations necessary for receiving and redistributing market data such as communication protocols and data formats. The applicant should complete the relevant technical tests and submit the Data Vendor Account Application Form (bearing its common seal) to obtain an account from INE.

VII. Publication
Once an applicant formally obtains access to the market data, INE will issue it an INE Market Data Redistribution Certificate and publish its name on INE’s website.

VIII. Miscellaneous
1. Information update: For any licensed data vendor that intends to change the company name, Business License number, contact person, or other information on file, its agent should do so through a Data Vendor Update Form (bearing the applicant’s common seal).
2. Account closure: For any licensed data vendor that intends to close its account, its agent should do so through the Data Vendor Account Closure Form and Level-2 Market Data Vendor Line Termination Form (each bearing the applicant’s common seal).


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