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 To concerning parties:


According to the overall arrangements of crude oil listing, INE will formally receive applications from clients for trading code since 13th, June, 2017.


All account opening entities shall carry out investor suitability management system in strict accordance with the Administrative Rules on Futures Trader Suitability of Shanghai International Energy Exchange and the Operation Guidance on Futures Trader Suitability System of Shanghai International Energy Exchange (Tentative), and also faithfully enforce relevant regulations in a bid to effectively guarantee the smooth operation of account opening business, including the Interim Administrative Measures on the Trading of Domestic Specific Futures Products by Overseas Traders and Overseas Intermediaries (CSRC Decree No.116) and the Administrative Regulations on the Account Opening for Futures Market Clients (CSRC Announcement [2012] No.1), as well as the Guidelines on Account Opening for Futures Firms and the Operation Rules on Account Opening for Overseas Traders promulgated by China Futures Market Monitoring Center. 

Hereby notify the above.



 12th, June, 2017

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