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 Shanghai International Energy Exchange (“INE”), a subsidary of Shanghai Futures Exchange, together with Futures Industry Association acorss the country, plan to start a crude oil futures related business training tour in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Chongqing and Shenzhen respectively on June 13th, 15th, 20th, 22th,27th and 29th (See Attachment 1 for agenda), in order to help executives, business specialists and market researchers of Futures Firms understand the significance of the listing of crude oil futures to China’s energy reserve and economic development and the important role of crude oil futures in serving the real economy and promoting the implementation of “Belt & Road Initiative”, as well as help them master business rules and operating procedures regarding the trading, delivery, settlement and risk management of crude oil futurres. The specific arrangements are as below:           


Ⅰ. Training Tour in Shanghai

Time:13:30-17:30 p.m. , June 13th , 2017 (Tuesday)

Venue:  Internation Conference Hall, Floor 2, Shanghai Futures Tower, 500 Pudian

 Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Ⅱ. Training Tour in Hangzhou

Time:13:30-17:30 p.m. , June 15th, 2017(Thursday)

Venue:  Sanli New Century Grand Hotel, 538 Shaoxing Road, Xiacheng District,



Ⅲ. Training Tour in Beijing

Time:13:30-17:30 p.m. , June 20th, 2017(Tuesday)

Venue:  Huabin International Hotel, No.4 Xuanwumennei Street, Xicheng District,



Ⅳ. Training Tour in Nanjing

Time:13:30-17:30 p.m. , June 22nd, 2017(Thursday)

Venue:  Nanjing State Guest House, 5 Zhongshanling, Xuanwu District, Nanjing


Ⅴ. Training Tour in Chongqing

Time:13:30-17:30 p.m. , June 27th, 2017(Tuesday)

Venue:  Chongqing Hanwen Hotel, Nanqiaotou, Huanghuayuan, 1 Shuanggang Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing


Ⅵ. Training Tour of Shenzhen

Time:13:30-17:30 p.m. , June 29th, 2017(Thursday)

Venue:  Shenzhen NOVOTEL, 2002 East Qiaocheng Road, Futian District, Shenzheng


Attendees’s transporation and lodging will be arranged by the participating Futures Firms on their own. Each Futures Firm may send no more than 6 attendees to each venue due to the limited size of the venue. Each FF Member shall timely arrange relevant personnel to join the training tour in the vicinity. For registration, applicant shall complete the attached return receipt for joining this training tour, and E-mail it to the registration mailbox of the Exchange’s Member Service and Investor Education Department (See Attachment 2) .    



1. Agenda for Crude Oil Futures Related Business Training Tour

2. Return Receipt for Joining the Crude Oil Futures Related Business Training Tour



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